Wasi Shah Poetry

This is one of the biggest resource of Classical Poetry.

Wasi Shah is one of the best poet of urdu language,his poems, ghazals and shairy is very popular special in youth, i have retrieved
one of the best poetry in his marvelous Poetry collection.

Click Here And Read More Classical Poetry of Wasi Shah


Nimra Yasmeen said...

aakhein se mere iss liye laali nahi jati.
this is nice song from ptv drama Tabeer and nice poetry too
with best whishes:

Alifseye.com said...

Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice post. You are working on Urdu poetry which has a great impact not only in subcontinent but across the world as well and Wasi Shah poetry in Urdu is one of the tools to promote Urdu.

Alifseye.com said...

Indeed, Urdu poetry is has an amazing attraction to its reader thank you so much for such a nice Urdu shayari. Poetry is the way of expressing your feelings and emotions that's why people so often choose love poetry in Urdu to show their emotions for others.

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