"Hum To Jaisey Wahaan Key They Hi Nahin"

Hum To Jaisey Wahaan Key They Hi Nahin
Dhoop They Sayaban Key They Hi Nahin

Raastey Karavan Key Sath Rahey
Marhaley Karavan Key They Hi Nahin

Ab Hamara Makaan Kis Kaa Hai
Hum To Apaney Makaan Key They Hi Nahin

In Ko Aandhi Main Hi Bikharna Tha
Baal-O-Par Yahan Key They Hi Nahin

Us Gali Ney Yeh Sun Ke Saber Kiya
Janey Waley Yahan Key They Hi Nahin

Ho Teri Khak-E-Astan Pey Salaam
Ham Terey Astan Key They Hi Nahin

Poetry of John Elia

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Alifseye.com said...

Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice post. You are working on Urdu shayari which has a great impact not only in subcontinent but across the world as well and Jaun Elia Poetry is one of the tools to promote Urdu.

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